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Doe Cooter Scent

“The Real Scent With A Funny Name”

The scent is an attractant which will let nature take it’s course. The proven scent has lured many a buck to their final resting place on the wall or a road side ditch.

Doe Cooter is sure to improve your sightings during any hunting season.

“Have Fun, be Safe and may the Scent be with you.

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We Guarantee:

  • Our scent is 100% ‘doe in heat urine’ and CWD free
  • The deer (from which our scent is collected) are fed a diet which is similar to what they would eat in the wild
  • All sediment is removed from the scent prior to bottling
  • Climate appropriate storage is used for all deer urine

Our Products


The t-shirts are high grade quality cotton and have become quite the conversation piece. I now have a long sleeve, short sleeve, thermal and three hats to choose from. I am looking forward to the new line of shirts due out soon.

My hunting partner was able to bag a big Buck this year as the Buck was lured by my Doe Cooter scent wick and headed right into our line of fire.

I especially found the packaging of Doe Cooter to be very useful with the many dispensing options for the Urine and the microfiber pouch to clean my scope. I have already purchased Doe Cooter packages for Christmas gifts.

Doe Cooter’s “Doe in Heat” Urine worked like a charm. I had four Doe’s head straight for my scent wick on my first use. The scent wick had a great absorbency and did not require additional dousing of the Urine.

I was rifle hunting for mule deer so I didn’t get to try the Doe Cooter scent, but I did get to try the apparel. The hat was comfortable and I liked the style. The shirts were soft and thick. I look forward to trying the scent in bow season.

I’ve used every mock scrape product on the market but nothing compared to the results Doe Cooter mock scrape produced last fall. I am truly impressed. I had 7 different bucks visit my mock scrape in one day. Super pumped for more results this fall!!

Anton Campbellsport Wi